The Grand Final of the Master Flow Clausura 2021 League arrives

The Master Flow League, organized by the Professional Videogame League (LVP) MEDIAPRO Group and Flow, reaches the final instance of the Clausura 2021 tournament with the meeting between Globant Emerald Team and Savage Esports, next Thursday, July 29 from 6:00 p.m. The broadcast will begin with a show by the artist YSY A, presented by Flow Music XP, and can be seen on Flow channel 601 and the official LVP channels at Twitch Y YouTube.

The grand final of the Master Flow League is coming.


At the end of the YSY A show, the League of Legends final will begin with Gotszar and Nerakk as official casters from the studio, along with Lady Mufa and El Joven Román as correspondents in each of the Gaming Office of the finalist teams. . In addition, the broadcast will feature Rippy Rizza (producer and host of Damn Nerds) as presenter alongside Nachittus (Riot Games caster). The analysis table will be made up of Alfred, Naguará coach, and Sunblast, CASLA Esports player.

Globant Emerald Team and Savage Esports have had the highest performances during the regular season. GET dazzled all the rivals with their great game, achieving 17 victories to qualify for the first place in the Playoffs. In the direct elimination phase, Globant Emerald Team played in the semifinals against Ualá New Pampas, which had just beaten the last champion, CASLA Esports. The foxes, could not with GET and gave him the pass to the final with a result of 3-1. On the other hand, Savage Esports began the regular phase by going from less to more in the team’s performance and qualifying in second place to the Playoffs with a total of 15 victories. In the knockout phase, the Bears met Undead BK in the semifinals. The team saw themselves out of the competition by going down in the series 2-0, but the mentality and the capacity for resilience, led them to win three games in a row to turn the confrontation 3-2 and reach the long-awaited final.



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