The government will discuss the activation of the medium crisis. The situation was changed by the summons of the governor Home

Bl sweatshirt red sweatshirt. According to the information of the server, the Government Council for Health Risks in the morning discussed the activation of the Central Crisis Division (K) with the fact that in Monday the material should be submitted to the Government. According to President Jiho Bhounek, it was clear from one that the government will activate the activation on Monday. This was later confirmed by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtch.


Prime Minister Andrej Babi (YES) resumed his original armor, considering it redundant. On the contrary, Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamek and his SSD called after its activation.

According to TK, Bhounek wrote that Mr K did not vote at the fiveth meeting of the Health Risk Board. However, the discussion showed that the activation of you will be the subject of another Babie and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamek (SSD). Bhounek added that darkness should be closed on Monday by one government.

The situation around the activation of tbu was overcome by a hard-line call from the Association of Governors. Predictions of development are not favorable at all and some governors drank with the proposal that the issues of crisis women should be burdened. It resulted in a proposal for the resumption of crisis management activities and ten governors voted in favor, they abstained, said after a quarterly meeting with the Minister of Health Ji Bhounek (for SSD), who leads the Association. Prague was represented by the majority, who cannot vote.

It follows from the ratio that at least two governors from the YES movement stood up for Hamek, who will be the minister of the interior of the crisis, and he did not oppose it. Tension arose for a long time, according to teleconferencing, the prime minister approached the governors when they criticized or demanded something.

The Central Crisis is the advisory body of the government, coordinates the administration of the ministry, hygiene, self-government, firefighting, medical rescue services, is represented professionally, the ministries are usually local. tb suggests a problem and evaluates how the measures work; decision-makers remain vld.

K in connection with the epidemics was established in the middle of the ordinary dog ‚Äč‚Äčoriginally Babiv disagreement. The government declared a state of emergency due to the virus on the 12th of March, and the crisis was reduced three days later. activity ended on June 11. The original cabinet changed its statute so that the city of Hamka could be joined by the then Deputy Minister of Health and now the Government’s Commissioner for Science and Research in Health Roman Prymula. After two weeks, however, Hamek finally took the lead.

The red sweatshirt, which Hamek began to wear, became a symbol of the event and the crisis.


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