The government should deliver on its promise of Rs 250 for rubber: editorial by Deepika .com

250 which was the market price 10 years ago, but since there is no other way Alayan v under the trees of the rubber thram About 12 lakh farmers should be protected.

After raising the price of rubber, the state government’s accessibility policy is a relief to farmers that it has been restored. 170 per kg with retroactive effect from July Restore the rate plan at the rate you paid Ch. That’s not even the production cost, sir, everyone knows. Price stabilization plan according to your needs The government has issued an order to start the eighth phase of Jose K. which he called Rakhi. The production cost of Mani MP and the rubber sheet is Rs.200-250. It was also pointed out that there will be more. Choose the one that raised the price to 250. In its manifesto, LDF promised The promise is to keep our word.

Kendrasarkar and Kendrasarkar founded Rab. Board of Directors R also trampled on farmers and industry. Kerala began with the joining of The Plight of Rubber Growers. Raba has increased the import value of composite rubber, which is the main reason for the drop in the price of rubber

The import rate of natural rubber is 25 percent, if the compound is 10 percent. 60 percent natural rubber and the rest chemicals In the manufacture of compound rubber tires It is useful. Importing rubber from foreign market Companies doing everything necessary for the central government, which is able to obtain the desired rubber at a lower price. The intervention was also carried out via rubber board.

Rubber Growers in Kerala on the Kiya Board Road, Northeastern States Vya has exploited the poor who have been hired for a wage scheme in favor of residents. I doubt he’s doing it now. Kerala farmers have no other option. Therefore, the rubber will be produced at a low price in the coming years. The industrialists have assured that there is Rs. Due to favorable weather conditions, the rubber production lobby of various types is known for its low prices for which rubber is stored

More nature from the domestic market Tire manufacturers agree to buy Datta rubber There are also latex sales to prepare some sheets. The council also recommended making sugar. What price will the peasants pay? It also showed the decency of asking residents to no. Know the needs of the rubber arch farmers that your job is only for Rd.

Big industries, especially tire manufacturers Profit is the only target as far as King is concerned. Big business, not millions of farmers He’s also very rich in fingers Then there are results in the state. While you have to pay the price The state is in a desperate struggle for survival. It has spent months on the streets, in the heat and in the cold. When the rich don’t leave their homes Tanukoti has obtained tax relief of Rs.

Even if the agricultural sector is about to collapse, the pandemic Even if they are dissolved, their wealth will accumulate. What is the declared cost of natural rubber? The industry is not even considered by Ndrath. Mr. Anupriya Patel MPs Anto Anta Last February, Niye and Atur Prakash As known in Canceled. In such a situation, the state government If farmers fulfill the promise of the newspaper will be relieved. It should be the market price from 10 years ago. There is no other way than to pay at least Rs.250. Only under the rubber trees is it. About 12 lakh farmers will be rescued from Layan should

The rubber plantations of Kerala produce milk and even the enemy’s tears fall. The price of their work is also taken away. Labor governments to check and redact It is dangerous to stop here. Governments succumbing to such evils Only one foot is in the boat of democracy, it goes without saying that it is full.

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