The government refutes the rumor of privatizing the new comprehensive health insurance system

The Ministry of Health denied in the government’s rumors monitoring report the reported news about the government’s intention to privatize the new comprehensive health insurance system, stressing that there is no validity to privatizing the new comprehensive health insurance system, explaining that the new health insurance system is a social solidarity system that covers all citizens and in which the state bears the participation Those who are unable, and it is applied jointly between health insurance hospitals and private hospitals, stressing that all hospitals and health units in the system are subject to the supervision of the Ministry.

In a related context, the cost of the gradual implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system and its expansion amounted to 4.2 billion pounds in the 2020/2021 budget, to include a larger number of governorates, as Luxor Governorate witnesses putting the final touches to launch the comprehensive health insurance project, which comes within the five governorates of the first phase, namely ( Luxor – Ismailia – Aswan – South Sinai – Suez), where citizens’ registration started after its successful application and service of tens of thousands of people in Port Said, while the project is being implemented in Luxor Governorate in 8 hospitals and 59 health units, and 800 thousand citizens have been registered, And 182,819 family files have been opened so far in Luxor Governorate, equivalent to about 64% of the total population of the governorate.


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