The government must continue to educate the public about the Covid-19 vaccine

JAKARTA – Member of Commission IX DPR RI, Rahmad Handoyo assessed that the government needs to continue to educate and provide socialization about the procurement of the covid-19 vaccine in the country. The reason is, according to him, there are still many people who do not believe in the safety of vaccines.

“This is the state’s duty to continue to provide education and outreach to the public in order to know that the existing vaccines have gone through clinical trials and are continuously explained about their safety,” said Rahmad to Validnews, Monday (26/10).

Based on a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, it shows that there are still 7.6% of Indonesians who do not want to be vaccinated. Meanwhile, 27.6% were still confused between being vaccinated or not.

According to Rahmad, there are some people who do not want to be vaccinated, which is normal. This may come after several failed vaccine incidents in other countries.

So, according to him, the government needs to continue to provide education and convince the public of the safety of the vaccines being tested in Indonesia. However, he also reminded the government not to force people who refused to be vaccinated.

“As a parliament, of course we encourage the state to be able to convince the public that vaccines are a way to strengthen immunity, but if it turns out that there are still those who don’t want to do it, they can’t be forced too, that’s their human right,” he explained.

Rahmad reminded that the procurement of the covid-19 vaccine should not make people complacent about the implementation of health protocols. Because, the covid-19 vaccine did not end the covid-19 pandemic.

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He is of the view that even though he has been vaccinated, the potential for covid-19 transmission can still occur as long as the virus is still dangerous. For this reason, he emphasized that the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol must be carried out even though a vaccine is available.

“I need to remind you that vaccines are not everything, after being vaccinated it is not automatically free from covid-19. This vaccine is only as an immune booster, so health protocols must be carried out,” he said.

On the other hand, he believes that the Indonesian government and vaccine manufacturers have so far applied the principle of prudence in the production of the covid-19 vaccine. According to him, the cooperation process has also gone through official accountability from world health institutions.

“The government and producers will definitely carry out standards in accordance with the element of prudence and protect the candidates who will be vaccinated,” said the PDI-P politician.

Furthermore, he invited the public to entrust countries and world institutions with the procurement of the covid-19 vaccine in the country. According to him, it needs the support of all parties in the success of vaccination.

“Let us fully entrust the country with world institutions regarding the purchase and procurement of vaccines from abroad as well as vaccines for the nation’s children who will make red and white vaccines. We pray that everything will run smoothly,” said Rahmad. (Gisesya Ranggawari)


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