The Government authorizes 566,581 euros to rehabilitate 20 homes in El Paso for those affected by the volcano

The Governing Council has given the go-ahead this Thursday to the contracting by the emergency route of the works for the comprehensive rehabilitation of 20 homes of the Canarian Housing Institute (Icavi) located in the palmero municipality of El Paso, to be put available to families who lost their homes due to the volcanic eruption in Cumbre Vieja, reports in a press release.

A total of 566,581 euros will be allocated to these works, some works that have an execution period of three months, so they must be completed by the end of July or the beginning of August.

The houses -which Icavi is already renovating-, are located in the development called Nuestra Señora del Pino II, a building that temporarily housed the families of another older promotion of the same name in recent years.

Once the former winners of this El Pino II promotion had moved to a new building nearby, Icavi began work to reform and adapt the vacant homes to be delivered to the families affected by the volcano’s eruption.

In summer, the rehabilitation and reform works are expected to conclude, which include the replacement of sanitation and kitchens and the removal of interiors of these 20 vacant homes, at which time the ICAVI will award these houses to the families who lost their only home due to of the eruption, following the criteria of the technical committee for social evaluation.

This planned delivery of 20 new homes to those affected by the volcano is possible thanks to the completion by Icavi, just over a month ago, of a new property for the former winners of the El Pino development.

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The now completed building belongs to a promotion that was commissioned to respond to the program for the Replacement of Homes affected by aluminosis in the Canary Islands, aimed at relocating 23 families affected by what is known as the promotion of 50 dwellings Our Lady of the Pine whose successful bidders were relocated years ago to temporary housing, which is what has become vacant and will now go to those affected by the volcano.

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