The gourmet chef lived on noodles and oatmeal

Last week was the premiere of a new season of “The Luxury Trap”, where Norwegians who have sailed down an economic precipice get expert help to get back on their feet.

In the first episode of the season, viewers witnessed the debt fall under control, but to Dagbladet, the couple revealed that the relationship had disintegrated.

In this episode, viewers are introduced to chef Kenneth Jahnsen Collins (33) from Sandnes. He serves gourmet food, but his own kitchen is ribbed for groceries. Expert Lene Drange was shocked to see that the chef only had noodles and oatmeal in the kitchen cabinets. The only thing the other chef had was a bottle of cod liver oil.

– This is really one of the most expensive things I have been involved in, that such a good chef as Kenneth does not even have food at home, she says in the episode.

Did not cook at home

Here it is also revealed that the 33-year-old spent enormous sums on restaurant and nightlife, more precisely 12,000 kroner a month. It included many beers at nightclubs after working hours, and thus took a big chunk of the chef’s income.

GOURMETKOKK: Kenneth Jahnsen Collins has skills few can boast of in the kitchen – but served oatmeal and noodles to himself. Photo: Screenshot / TV3
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The 33-year-old had several periods where there were only kroner left in the current account – and then the solution was food that filled the stomach, and cost as little as possible, such as oatmeal and noodles.

– It was food to get full, not to bring in much nourishment. But it does not look so stylish with an empty refrigerator. It was a wake-up call to have someone else who got to see the fridge, he says to Dagbladet.

Collins also says that he received many food deliveries when there was money in the account, and he did not eat out.

– It is not always tempting to cook after work, after standing between nine and 14 hours in the kitchen to cook for others. But I do not think there is any new information that many chefs do not cook so much food for themselves at home. I know many who are in the same situation, that if you want to have a good meal, you take it to work, he says.

Received shock message

Collins had financial problems, among other things, because he quit his permanent job to cook on a freelance basis. It gave him a much lower income. The “luxury trap” is therefore given a guest appearance by star chef Kjartan Skjelde, who heads “Camp Kulinaris”, which tests the 33-year-old’s cooking skills.

SECRET TALENT: Silje Sandmæl is best known for her financial sense, but in her youth it was completely different talents that were in focus. Once upon a time she was a thorn, something she shows in “An evening at Kloppen”. Video: TV 2
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And he is so impressed with what he is served that he offers Collins a permanent job at his own restaurant, Fish & Cow in Stavanger.

It was a turning point for the Sandnes chef, who accepted the position during the period “Luksusfellen” was recorded. Since then he has changed jobs, but he is eternally grateful.

– It was very unexpected, I was told that he was the one who came up with the proposal himself, and not “Luksusfellen”. I worked there all last year, and it was a springboard to my new job at Garcia Stavanger East. Now I have a fixed salary and a higher position, he says proudly.

It also means that the crane in the fridge has been given company, and that it is no longer oatmeal that ends up on the dinner plate. In addition, he feels that he has been given a support system around him in the new job, which means that it no longer feels necessary to have beer every day after work.

– I feel much better and safer in life. For example, it feels safer to grab things when they arise, like a bill, instead of letting it tick and go with interest, he says.

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