The ‘Gordo’ de Navidad leaves two prize winners in the city of León

The workers of the Estanco Guzmán de León, showing the Gordo and the fourth prize.

| 12/22/2018 – 9:15 a.m.

The Extraordinary Christmas Draw 2018 has been held at the Teatro Real in Madrid, this December 22 as is tradition. The province of León has seen how small pinches of the main prizes have been falling, like two tenths of the first prize, which represent 800,000 euros. The third has also been sold in León capital. Other fourth and fifth prizes have left a trail of thousands of euros in Ponferrada, León, San Andrés and Valdevimbre.

Main awards of the ‘Gordo de Navidad’

13:23 The last of the great prizes of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw comes out, the THIRD has fallen in 04.211, endowed with 500,000 euros to the series, 50,000 to the tenth. Once again, two lottery administrations in León capital have sold two tickets, that of El Corte Inglés and the one located on Avenida Quevedo 4, in the Crucero neighborhood. The award has once again been widely distributed throughout Spain.

12:38 THE FAT HAS COME OUT AND ‘SOMETHING’ HAS FALLEN IN THE CITY OF LEÓN. The number 03,347 has been graced with 4,000,000 euros to the series, 400,000 to the tenth. Tickets have been sold in two administrations of León capital, the Estanco Campo in the Plaza de Guzmán, which has already sold a winning tenth with a fourth, and in the administration located in the Espacio León Shopping Center. The two tenths sold, one in each administration, represent 400,000 euros for each of the winners.

The award has been widely distributed throughout the national territory and has been sold, in addition to the Leonese province, in those of Cuenca, Huesca, Vizcaya, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Madrid, Zamora, A Coruña, Granada, Murcia, Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Las Palmas, Seville, Ávila, Granada, Asturias, Córdoba, Albacete, Almería, Badajoz, Balearic Islands, Cádiz, Girona, Guipúzcoa, Lleida, Murcia, Ourense, Pontevedra, Salamanca, Soria, Burgos, Cáceres, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Huelva, Jaén, La Rioja, Lugo, Tarragona, Navarra and Murcia.

It has been one of the most widely distributed first prizes in recent years, which leaves a total of 21.4 million euros in Castilla y León, distributed among eight of the nine provinces, all except Palencia. The award has left 12.8 million euros in the neighboring province of Zamora, the majority in the town of Quiruelas de Vidriales. It is the first time that it falls in this province, one of the few that had never seen the biggest prize of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw.

11:53 The last FIFTH award, 02.308, with 60,000 euros to the series. He has left ‘pinches’ in Valdevimbre and Ponferrada, among others of the many localities where it has fallen.

11:44 We already have the second of ROOMS prize, the number 67,774, with 200,000 euros to the series, 20,000 to the tenth. Part of the award has fallen in León city, administration of the Glorieta de Guzmán, and in Ponferrada, on Galicia avenue. Two tickets have been sold in the capital of Bercia and one in León, representing 60,000 euros in prizes. The rest has been widely distributed in various provinces.

11:41 The penultimate of the FIFTH prizes has been for 18,596, widely distributed throughout the Spanish geography but again avoiding the province of León. Among other places it has fallen into the provinces of Madrid, Alicante, Ciudad Real, Palencia, Zaragoza, Asturias, Toledo, Pontevedra, Malaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Lleida.

11:17 The first of the ROOMS prizes, for the 42,206, awarded 200,000 euros to the series. It has been sold in Llodio, Álava.

11:14. Another comes out FIFTH prize for number 20,210, sold between Alicante and Madrid.

11:11 We have another FIFTH award, for the 63,025, which has fallen entirely in El Campelo, Alicante.

10:05 A PINCH IN LEÓN. Another fifth prize that takes sixty thousand euros in each series: 29,031. Super distributed and something falls in San Andrés del Rabanedo (sold in San Ignacio de Loyola street). This administration is located in the Pinilla neighborhood, between the municipalities of León and San Andrés.

09:58 Another comes out FIFTH award for 68,402. It has fallen entirely in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid).

09:31 SECOND PRIZE del Gordo for the 21.105 that goes to the provinces of Albacete, Alicante and Barcelona. They are 1,250,000 euros to the series. 1,250,000 euros per tenth winner.

09:29 Other FIFTH The award went to 07,568 and went to the provinces of Murcia, Zamora, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Burgos, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Coruña, Cádiz, Girona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

09:21 Primer FIFTH award for him 47.862, endowed with 60,000 euros to the series, 6,000 to the tenth. It has fallen in Madrid, Valencia, Sort, Foios (Valencia) and Bilbao.

09:19 The Draw begins with the extraction of the first prizes.

The last time El Gordo had smiled at León was in 2014, thanks to 13,437 when a Boñar administration sold a complete series of this number that was awarded the first prize in the Extraordinary Christmas Draw.

The vignette of the tenth of this year corresponded to an image of the Virgin with the Child, the central panel of the altarpiece of the Life of the Virgin and of Saint Francis, which is currently in the Prado Museum. However, the painting that illustrates the millions of tenths issued comes from the church of Santa Eulalia de Hinojo, a stately estate near La Bañeza and which is a Gothic work by the painter Nicolás Francés, dating from the mid-15th century.



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