The gold nugget awarded to Marine Schneider’s “Hekla and Laki”.

As during the conquest of the West, the nugget is the most popular reward literature youth. And among the few 20,000 titles published each yearonly a handful of them are entitled to it. Children’s Book Fair which opened this Wednesday in Montreuil. Exact five, crowning a children’s novel, a children’s novel, a children’s comic and an illustrated book.

In this little game, the big winner is this year (drum roll)… A crochet Laki by Marine Schneider, edited by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

Inspired by the landscapes of Iceland

A beautiful large format album of 60 pages, featuring two heroes, a swirling, glowing child, and his much less glamorous ancestor, painted in gray-blue shades, in a setting inspired by its author from the landscapes of Iceland. “We appreciated the poetry that emanates from this beautiful book, confides the president of the jury Emile Bravo to 20 minutes. With very mineral illustrations and colors, the child symbolizes the active volcano while the elder rather evokes an extinct volcano. You can also see a small droplet of molten lava compared to a cooled lava rock. What age group does Emile Bravo mean it for? “Oh dear, everyone! In any case, speak to the child that I was and no doubt still am. »

The other prizes of the exhibition:

Picture Book Nugget: Reglobus by Pierre Alexis, The party

Sci-Fi Nugget for Teens: Maldoror – Volume 1: The children of the legendPhilippe Lechermeier, Flammarion Youth

Teen Fiction Nugget: Great Passage by Stephanie Leclerc, Syros

Comic nugget: Furious by Geoffroy Monde and Mathieu Burniat, Dargaud

Ursa Major: Marc Boutavant for all his work (Ariol, rotten dogetc.)

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