The God of War game designer is furious that Dragon Age failed to launch


Corey Barlog, best known for 2018’s God of War, is facing a fairly pressing issue in the gaming community. The developer found in flight that many games require a mandatory internet connection before launch. For this reason, he was unable to launch Dragon Age, after which he issued a strong criticism of the developers.

Corey Barlog has encountered a problem on the Steam Deck. At first he tried to launch FIFA 23, purchased on Steam, but the football simulator refused to start, citing a mandatory connection to the network and anti-cheat. This puzzled the developer and he decided to try and launch the cult Dragon Age, which he also refused to launch. To run the role-playing game, you had to install an additional launcher and connect to the network. Barlog was flying on a plane at the time and physically could not connect to the Internet.

The God of War series game designer has urged game developers and publishers to waive their internet connection requirement to run single-player games. In the comments, players have slightly modified Barlog’s statements. As users note, the main problem is that the market is overflowing with third-party launchers, some of which even lack the application’s offline operation.

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