The God of War boss asks fans to be patient

God of War Ragnarok continued to shine with his absence during this year’s non-E3 show. The sequel to the critically acclaimed game from Sony Santa Monica has barely made a sound in a year and a half, but in recent days there have been rumors that a launch date will soon be unveiled.

God of War: Ragnarok.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

In the midst of the rumor mill, Cory Barlog – chief producer of the game – took over Twitter with a prayer that fans will continue to be patient.

– Dear everyone. If it was up to me, I would share all the information as soon as I knew about it. But it’s not up to me. So please be patient. I promise we will share things as soon as possible. We make games for you. We get to make games because of you, Barlog wrote.

The statement seems to be pouring cold water on rumors that a date announcement is imminent.

It was the insider known as «The Snitch»Who first announced that Sony had plans for a kind of God of War Ragnarok presentation today, Thursday 30 June. In another statement my box tells The Snitch now, however, that the scheme was moved, without any details as to why.

Bloombergs Jason Schreier confirmed that Sony would reveal the date of June 30. After the message from Barlog, however, he believes that it is no longer the plan, but Schreier writes that the game will still be out later this year – as far as he is known.

God of War Ragnarok was originally to be launched in 2021, but delays in production led to one postponement until the following year. This fall, Kratos’ voice actor Christopher Judge took over to blame for the postponement. According to Judge, he had to undergo a series of operations in 2019, and Sony chose to hold back the game to give him time to get back on his feet.

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