“‘The Glory’ My story, 2nd degree burns and torn iris on ironing iron…I want revenge” (‘Attack’)[종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] ‘Attack’ A client who had a hard time due to school violence was thinking about revenge.

In Channel S’s ‘Attack on Sisters’, which aired on the 7th, a client who had suffered school violence appeared as a guest.

The client confessed, “My friends said that the drama ‘The Glory’ is like my story. I want to take revenge on my perpetrator friends, but I’m worried about what to do.”

The client couldn’t bear to see ‘The Glory’, but his friends said it was like his story. The client said that she was victimized in her 2nd and 3rd year of middle school and said, “I was beaten a lot and burned with a flat iron. I looked at my personal account and found that I was sponsored by a charitable organization or got a nurse license or social worker license. It made me so angry and horrified. did,” he said.

The client said, “I was short, skinny, and dwarfed. At first, I borrowed 500 won and 700 won, then they pushed me away and were unpleasant, so I asked for money. Gradually, the number of times I took money and the amount increased.” They were halfway kids. When I went up to the 3rd grade, I took them to their house and beat them. If I didn’t go, they said they would visit my younger brother and harm me. I couldn’t see that.”

In fact, the client suffered second-degree burns on his right arm because of the iron. The client said, “I cry every time I see it, and my family curses at me every time I see it,” showing the scars that are still clearly visible.

The client said, “When I’m in a bad mood, I stab everything I can see from the top of my head with a fork. I threw something like a plastic pipe, but it hit me wrong and tore my iris. There were bruises all over my body.” “They lied very meticulously. We “I called my parents and said that I had run away and they would take care of me. My parents said that I had run away and had nowhere to go, so I had to put them to bed. Once I went, they stayed for three days. When I left, they came to my house and turned the house upside down.” He said he couldn’t avoid it.

The pus stuck to the school uniform and the school teacher found out about it, and then the parents also learned about the client’s ironing case. Even after that, the client’s suffering did not end. The client said, “I wanted to sleep, so I collected sleeping pills. I had a phobia of ironing, so the moment I ironed it at the beauty salon, I looked like an assailant. I was scared and wished I hadn’t ironed it. Even if friends approached me, I became suspicious.”

How does the client want to get revenge on them? The client said, “I think I will watch the broadcast when I come out here. I went to the same university as one of them. I ran into him and my hands were shaking. He brought all his friends and said, ‘I know him.'”

Park Mi-sun said, “I think I need to get rid of the guilt about myself. I really didn’t do anything wrong.” It was extensive reading.

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