the Gironde wishes to experiment with a specialized justice

The department of Gironde asked the Ministry of Justice to be able to experiment “as in Spain since the early 2000s, a specialized justice system against violence against women».

This motion was adopted unanimously on Monday, a spokesperson for this department chaired by the socialist Jean-Luc Gleyze told AFP on Wednesday, November 24. “The creation of these prosecution offices, endowed with civil and criminal powers and the means that they lack, is necessary to ensure the consistency of court decisions, their proper implementation, the speed of measures to protect victims and sanction perpetrators. , and the fact that these are up to the seriousness of the acts committed», Details this motion.

In particular, this would make it possible to deploy the “anti-reconciliation bracelets“, Believe the signatories, according to whom the results are”undeniableIn Spain, with a 25% drop in murders since 2004.

The Gironde was notably marked by the case of Chahinez Daoud, 31, a mother of three children burned alive by her ex-spouse in Mérignac on May 4, 2021. The investigation carried out by the Ministries of the Interior and Justice had notably pointed out “a number of gaps between the different police and justice services», Remind the signatories.



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