the gift of telephone companies

Accepted the proposal for the Christmas of the minister for technological innovation and digitization, Paola Pisano: throughout the day Tim, Vodafone and WindTre make the giga available to their customers for free.

Internet without limits: this is the gift offered by the telephone companies Tim, Vodafone and WindTre for Christmas 2020. Until midnight today, December 25th, customers of the three main Italian operators will be able to surf using the free giga.

The aim is to facilitate contacts between relatives, friends and loved ones who are distant due to the restrictions in circulation due to the need to counter the spread of Covid. The initiative could also be repeated on the occasion of the New Year.

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Free gig at Christmas: Minister Pisano thanks the telephone companies

Interviewed in recent days by Tg1, the minister for technological innovation and digitization Paola Pisano had asked telephone operators to facilitate the use of digital communication channels, making them free to give everyone the opportunity to contact or video call distant relatives on Christmas day in the red zone.

Vodafone, Tim and WindTre have thus responded positively to the appeal, giving millions of users free and unlimited traffic. The minister was keen to thank the telephone companies that have joined the initiative, explaining that “new technologies can reduce the sense of distance and isolation that in this phase of emergency deserves to be mitigated and overcome”.

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“The answers given by these companies in full autonomy are one of the signs of awareness of the need to contribute to strengthening the cohesion of the national community”, added Minister Pisano.

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