In recent months, the Royal Family of Denmark has been in the spotlight since Queen Margarita made the decision to withdraw the titles of princes and princesses from her grandchildren. Now Nicolás from Denmark takes a step forward and opens his Instagram profile to the public with the name ‘Nikolai til Danmark’ or what is the same, Nicolás from Denmark. A gesture with which he challenges his grandmother?


On January 1, the eldest son of Joaquín of Denmark and Alejandra de Frederiksborg, seventh in line to the Danish throne, officially ceased to be a prince like his three brothers. Since then the Count of Monpezat must be treated as his Excellency. This same week, the 23-year-old opened his Instagram profile and strongly called attention to the fact that he continues to use the name of Nicolás from Denmark since he is not authorized to do so. Of course, he can choose the artistic name that best defines him. In the brief biography that accompanies the account in which he has 27.2o0 followers, he calls himself Count Nicolás de Monpezat. The country’s press has also been surprised by this fact and points to a possible snub.

Nicholas of Denmark: Snub or Strategy?

The main reason that has caused this gesture in Nicholas of Denmark is unknown. And it is that he is the first of the children of Joaquín from Denmark who has a public profile on Instagram, his brother Félix also has an account, but of a private nature. When his grandmother opted to revoke his title, he showed his disappointment as did other family members. “It’s a strange feeling and an experience that I would have preferred not to have. But now it is as it is. For the rest of my life, I will be proud of the years in which I was allowed to be Prince of Denmark”, he stated in ‘Billed-Bladet’.

Prince Nikolais with mother Denmarks Countess Alexandra and brother Prince Felix  during his 18th birthday celebration in Copenhagen, 28-08-2017


In the first image that the Count of Monpezat has published, he is seen parading for Burberry in London, a snapshot that was taken in February 2018. At that time he was 18 years old and began his successful career as a model at the agency ‘Scoop Models’. So possibly opening your Instagram to the public could respond to a professional strategy with the aim of building a career as an ‘influencer’. Something that we have already seen in other royals, even in members of the Spanish royalty.

Many of his followers have wanted to comment on his recent withdrawal of titles on his wall. “You were the first real grandson of the Danes, and we’ve watched you grow into a beautiful person with style. No one can take that away from you. Then whoever wants to can mess with the titles,” one follower said. “To me, you will always be the prince of Denmark, your royal highness,” was the comment of another fan. Nicholas of Denmark follows the Danish Royal House on Instagram and among his preferences it can be seen that he is a true movie buff since he is a fan of a significant number of seventh art accounts. He is also a fan of many Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.

It has been a somewhat difficult start to the year for Nicholas from Denmark. In addition to accepting the decision of Queen Margaret with which she has lost her titles, she also had to fire her maternal grandmother, Christa Manley, last January.