The gesture of the Welsh people was passed, I don’t know what they wanted to achieve, says Sedláček

The unofficial World Cup of Darts, the World Cup of Darts, ended on Sunday. Perhaps a little surprisingly, the Australians Simon Simonlock and Damon Heta won, beating Wales 3: 1 in the final. And it was the Welsh Jonny Clayton and Gerwyn Price who took off their silver medals immediately after the victory. What does Czech darts Karel Sedláček and Nova Sport commentator Pavel Korda say about their gesture?

It seems completely gone. I absolutely don’t know what the reason was. Finishing second at the World Cup of Darts is solid. Jonny is probably a little infected with Iceman. They just wanted to win and obviously didn’t take anything else. It was as if they didn’t care about the silver medal at all. It didn’t seem like a fair gesture to me,“Sedláček did not take napkins.

On the contrary, commentator Pavel Korda has the opposite attitude. “I don’t remember anything like that happening. On the other hand, it also happens in other sports. Welsh are players who only take victories. And there is nothing else for them. I wouldn’t look for a sensation in that. They were disappointed that they did not win. On the contrary, they congratulated the winners very sympathetically in the interview and acknowledged that the Australians were better,“he added his view of the situation of Korda.

As already mentioned, the tournament was dominated by Australia, which was the first victory in history. “Australia won absolutely deservedly. The boys played fantastic darts. When Simon missed the historic closure of the nine darts, it was clear that they were in the mood and wanted to fight for it. They were definitely kicked by the victory over England and the finals were tightened. I wished them so badly and I’m so glad they won,“evaluated Whitlock and Heta Zlej Kája.”Absolutely great winner. It’s a surprise to me, but I wished them so bad,Korda added.

Sedláček and Korda subsequently returned to the Czech duel with the English, in which Evil Charlie and Adam Gawlas lost to James Wade and Michael Smith 1: 5. “Again, I was a little frustrated because the Czechs got an insanely tough opponent again. The boys played very well and at their limit. During the first three legions, they had an average of 116, which is rarely seen. They were a little unlucky when Wade closed their bulls in the first leg. If the Czechs led 2-0, for example, the English would play completely differently. The lot was really hard and I was disappointed with it, but I believed that the Czechs could advance. Unfortunately, Smith played completely unearthly,“commented Pavel Korda.

​”Wade’s Bull dismissed it all. Before the match, I told Adam we wouldn’t focus on Michael and his one hundred and eighty, whom we knew would come. Which was eventually confirmed. I then missed 130 in the first leg, and James then salted the bull. The second leg didn’t work out for us either and we picked up the third. We could lead 3-0 and the match would look completely different and the English would play completely different. They then set high stakes there, and shooting down such a team from a horse is really hard. We then started leaving. England deservedly won,“Karel Sedláček evaluated the performance.

Otherwise, he was completely satisfied with the tournament in Frankfurt. “I really enjoyed it because I love him. The icing on the cake for me will progress to at least the second round and play singles as well. That is my dream and goal. Unfortunately, the lottery has been cruel lately, but if you want to win, you have to beat everyone. It’s not working yet, but I believe it will come,“The tournament was evaluated by a native of Červený Kostelec.

The tournament was great for the spectators and the atmosphere was great. There is great acoustics in the hall. Organizationally, it was again well managed and the fans certainly got their money’s worth. A large background with lots of targets was prepared for the players. This is one of the best tournaments for me. One can mainly play for the flag and for the nation,“Sedláček continued, who is fighting for a PDC card this year.

One of the best Czech skiers also returned to the performances of the legendary 68-year-old Singer Paul Lima. “Paul is just a walking legend. When a person sees him playing, he has completely goosebumps. What he’s showing at 68 is unbelievable. He flies from the other side of the globe and still shows great darts. I remember going to elementary school 30 years ago and showing off world darts,“Sedláček described.

He admitted that he probably would not play again in his age. “You can’t handle that. When I see how difficult it is now, when I’m 43 and when I have to combine it with a normal life. It’s really exhausting. And I still don’t play tournaments like those who are higher in the rankings. I can’t imagine lasting that pace for another 25 years,“Sedláček added.”I keep my fingers crossed for him. He’s a great guy and a great player. If his health lasts, I believe we’ll see him on stage again at 70,“thinks Bad Kaja.

Qualifications for the remaining European Tour tournaments are now waiting for him in Prague, from which his participation in the European Championships, or even the World Championships, will follow. “If I played anything else on the card, it would be great. It’s well underway, but I have to make it,“Sedláček added at the end.

This year’s World Cup of Darts was dominated by Australia:

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