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The actor, former companion of the Big Brother Vip columnist, still retains the hope of returning with his beloved. From Barbara d’Urso he dedicated a poem to her

In today’s episode of Afternoon 5 the hostess Barbara d’Urso he asked Pietro Delle Piane if there was still in his heart Antonella Elia and if he intended to win her back. To the question those present in the studio and in connection immediately responded positively but the actor wanted to reply in a completely unusual way.

In fact he devoted a moment of absolute poetry to the Canale 5 audience and his beloved Antonella. And after admitting to be very in love of the Big Brother Vip commentator he recited lines by Jim Morrison, the lead singer-songwriter of the band The Doors.

“I will stop loving her only when a deaf painter paints on the canvas the sound of a rose petal falling on a crystal floor of a castle that never existed.”

Someone in the studio joked: “After this, forget it”. However, Pietro Delle Piane’s tender gesture was a way, perhaps, to strike Antonella and show him all his love for her. It is no mystery in fact that the tenacious presenter has always shown an iron fist with her partner, since the adventure on Temptation Island.

Not only that, he had also recently admitted to Alfonso Signorini, precisely in one of the episodes of Big Brother Vip, that he had not yet made peace with Pietro. After a period following the transmission on the “journey of feelings” conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi in which it seemed that between the two the serene had returned, Antonella Elia had decided to distance yourself again by Pietro.

Moreover, in December 2020 Antonella Elia had explained to Silvia Toffanin Verissimo what was wrong with the relationship with Delle Piane. The showgirl had admitted that she still loved her former partner but also gave him the opportunity to recover. However it seems that the actor has not passed the tests inflicted on him by Elia and for this reason the two have decided to share their paths. In fact, it seems that their separation did not take place in a completely calm way. Indeed, that there have been rather strong reactions from both sides.

Despite this Pietro Delle Piane seems not to have mentally closed with the showgirl yet. And the declaration of love made live by the same actor today at Afternoon 5 is certainly overwhelming proof of this.



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