The Germans love this Bruce Willis film the most

He ends his career at the age of 67: Bruce Willis. As an actor he took part in more than 100 film and TV productions. So the selection for his best role is large – and now knows a result.

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Anyone who has acted in hundreds of films and series can well and happily draw a line. Bruce Willis has been diligent throughout his acting career – and that in just 40 years of creative work. At the age of 25 he got his first role in “The First Deadly Sin”, that was in 1980. The big breakthrough should come eight years later. As John McClane in Die Hard, Willis made himself immortal.

Even more films will follow. The 67-year-old recently shot a large number of action strips. Two of them will be released this year, another six are currently in post-production – Here you can read more about it. Bruce Willis was already suffering from aphasia during filming, which he has done in recent years. The damage in the language center of his brain led to problems, which is why he received more and more support: from a double or an earphone through which his text could be dictated to him.

No getting past John McClane

But Bruce Willis will be remembered anyway with his cult strips: In addition to his “Die Hard” series, there are certainly “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “Armageddon” or “Pulp Fiction”. But which of these films is his best? That’s what t-online wanted to find out in a survey and asked for a vote on the opinion research institute civey. The result now provides a clear picture.

“Die Hard” at number one, “The Expendables” came last. (Source: civey for t-online)

Clear winner: “Die Hard”. Of the almost 9,500 people who took part in the survey, 27 percent chose the action flick. Willis’ personal breakthrough in the film business seems to be the most popular work among fans. In fact, director John McTiernan’s film was so successful that four sequels were produced. The last of these hit theaters in 2013.

“The Expendables” is the least popular

“The Fifth Element” ranks second among Bruce Willis’ personal favorite films. In the 1997 Luc Besson science fiction film, he played a former special forces officer opposite Milla Jovovich. According to the civey survey, third place cannot be assigned unequivocally. 15 percent of those questioned stated that they did not favor any of the films mentioned or did not know which one to choose.

The rest of the Bruce Willis film ranking is as follows:

  • 4. Platz: “Pulp Fiction”
  • 5. Platz: “The Sixth Sence”
  • 6th place: “Armageddon” and “12 Monkeys”
  • 7th Place: “Sin City”
  • 8. Platz “The Expendables”

The civey opinion polls have a limited range of choices. For this reason, only eight film titles could be named for the question about the best Bruce Willis film, one option remained for the free “Don’t know” field. It is unclear whether other cult films would have done better. For example, in 1990, Bruce Willis played an unsuccessful, alcoholic reporter in Brian De Palma’s “Purgatory of Vanity.”

Or think of “Last Boy Scout – The Goal is Survival”. Even then, three years after his “Die Hard” breakthrough, he shone as a run-down private detective – in his prime role. In addition to the comedian Damon Wayans, best known in this country as the sitcom title star in “What’s Up, Dad”, Willis showed a lot of humor at the time.

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