The Germans hurried. Bosch will start a new chip factory six months earlier

The German company Robert Bosch, which is, among other things, a leading supplier to the automotive industry, has opened a chip factory near Dresden. It has invested one billion euros in it, ie CZK 25.4 billion, which is its largest investment so far, the Reuters agency reported.

The factory is fully digitized and is considered one of the most modern chip factories in Europe. It will start producing chips for power tools from July and from September for the automotive industry, the DPA agency warned. Production will begin six months earlier than the company originally planned.

The factory currently has 250 employees and plans to create a total of 700 jobs.

The factory begins operations at a time of strained worldwide supply of chips. It will increase the company’s ability to supply automakers directly, and thus less to rely on third-party manufacturers.

According to analysts, the specialized factory will not intervene much in the global problems with the supply of chips, due to which some manufacturers had to stop production. Currently, it is expected that the problems with the supply of chips will not be resolved until next year. The factory will certainly help Bosch’s main customers, but from a global perspective, the current excess of demand over supply will not help to alleviate too much.

The virtual ceremony was also attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, who is also in charge of coordinating the program for a Europe ready for the digital age. According to that state-of-the-art technology in the new semiconductor factory, it shows what results can be achieved when industry and government join forces.


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