The general staff confirmed the release of Kupyansk-Uzlovoy


The General Staff confirmed for the first time that the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered Kupyansk-Uzlovaya

It was through the railway station of this village that the Russian invaders transferred their military equipment to the front.

The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces confirmed for the first time the release of Kupyansk-Uzlovy in the Kharkiv region. Monday 26 September is said about Facebook– General Staff page.

The report states that the defense forces have entered the village of Kupyansk-Uzlovaya.

Also, in Monday’s General Staff summary, it was reported that Russian troops fired on a number of settlements in Slobozhansky’s direction. Among them are three suburbs of Kupyansk on the left bank of the Oskol River: the villages of Kucherovka, Petropavlovka and Kupyansk-Uzlovaya.

Kupyansk-Uzlovoi is a large settlement, home to the railway station of the same name, which Russia used to transport forces from Belgorod to the occupied territory.

The city of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region is known to have been occupied by the Russian army on February 27 2022. He was taken almost without a fight.

Recall that in the morning summary of the General Staff it was reported that The APU repelled more than 10 enemy attacks.

Also, on the last day, the Ukrainian army liquidated 500 Russian invaders.

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