The General Staff announced plans for Snake Island

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There is no one on the island at the moment

APU forced the Russians to leave the island in the Black Sea. They plan to take him under physical control.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine plan to establish physical control over Zmeiny Island, said on Thursday, June 30, Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexei Gromov.

“At this time, we control it with our weapons: long-range artillery, missile troops and aviation,” he said.

According to Gromov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine forced the enemy to leave the island within a few days.

“Unfortunately, there are no legs of our serviceman on Zmeiny Island, but it will be. Believe me,” Gromov said.

At the same time, he noted the complexity of weather conditions in the area of ​​the island.

“Qualitatively, we cannot assess our defeats, have an effective qualitative picture. But with the help of other means of intelligence, our intelligence officers confirm to us the strikes on Zmeiny Island, the destruction of weapons and military equipment of the invaders who were there. That is, the strikes were effective. This forced the Russians leave Snake Island,” Gromov said.

It should be noted that Ukraine has been striking at Serpentine for the past few weeks. And today it became known that Russians evacuated from the island after more shelling. In the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation it called it a “goodwill gesture”.

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