The gas station attendant who killed a burglar escapes the hearing: “If he had wanted to kill, he would have targeted the one who was outside”

Here’s what happened, second by second, at the station.

The case which made a lot of noise two years ago will finally be judged in a month before the criminal court of Huy. And not at the assizes.

In October 2018, Domenico Castronovo, gas station attendant in Comblain-au-Pont, shot five times in the direction of five young burglars on the run in their car. Mohamed Soujae Yacoubi, 19, was killed.

This file quickly appeared thorny. Voluntary homicide or not? Did the perpetrator have his whole head at the time of the shooting? As such, on October 9, the pumpman was released by the Huy council chamber which had retained the “irresistible force”, the one that pushes the individual to act in spite of himself and leads to acquittal.

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