The Galician queen of Instagram silver

“In social networks, you show what you want to show. It is like a representation ”. Who speaks like this is the Galician queen of Instagram silver (for people over 55 years old), the Vigo Omaira Marcos, who with his 62 years of age accumulates more than 43,000 followers on the social network.

This Galician influencer thinks that this type of activity “is not a question of youth. All women like fashion, dress, no matter how old you are. Nor do I want to be labeled because of my age. Why, if I am 60 or 50 years old, do I have to dress in a certain way? The person evolves and depending on how you feel, your attitude towards life and your physique, no one has to condition me to dress in a specific way ”.

Marcos recognizes that he offers a ray of hope to many women. “The fashion industry is already seeing this. Those who buy the most are older people with greater purchasing power. I know a woman of more than 80 years of A Coruña that I would like people to see her. It goes to the in of the in. There is going to be a revolution in everything: you don’t have to be perfect or gorgeous, “she says.

She acknowledges that because of her profession (interior designer), she is “a very restless person. This world has evolved a lot. People build their lives around Instagram. There is like a prototype of life. I already had that before that network existed. Being an interior designer, he already had some very special houses, with many details. 20 years ago I already had some homes that are now fully up-to-date. I always had closets full of clothes. With my children the same: I went to Prenatal, for example, and bought the whole winter season, “he explains.

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Omaira is an example of an influencer who has not built her life from the blog or social networks: “The blog, for me, was like transmitting everything that I was used to living.”

“You cannot allow clothes to absorb you,” he warns


But regardless of the clothes and places you show in your photos, if there is something that dazzles about his Instagram, it is the joviality and elegance that emanate from the images. Is that innate elegance or has it been acquired over the years? “Let’s be honest. That – he answers – can be improved especially if you visualize those people who bring you that; but also with that one is born. It can be polished to go further. It is a matter of intelligence, observation and concern. Above all for me the most important thing is attitude. I’ve always been down the street wearing whatever I wanted, whether it was worn or not. You have to be sure of what you are wearing, without fear, regardless of whether they look at you or not. Clothes must be worn as when wearing pajamas: naturally. You cannot allow clothes to absorb you. You have to be above her ”.

“Clothes must be worn as when wearing pajamas: naturally”


Her family comes from Vigo, as well as her husband. In fact, the two times she was pregnant it was in Vigo where she gave birth. “Due to emigration circumstances, my parents emigrated to Venezuela where I was born. Later, I came to Vigo very young, when I was 14 years old. At 26, I came to Lugo with my first child ”, where he lived for 25 years and then moved to A Coruña for family reasons and then returned to Lugo in this COVID era.

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However, she will soon return to A Coruña, “because being involved in social networks I have a lot of work, events are starting and they are inviting me. Lugo is a little out of place on the map, it is not well communicated, and also one day I will be a grandmother, “he adds.

The courtship with social networks started years ago when he proposed to his daughter, Carla estevez, –Instagrammer with 110,000 followers currently– starting with a blog in which she took her photos. Little by little, Omaira was encouraged to create her own.

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Omaira Marcos Instagram

The move to Instagram started with a private account. “I would go to events and people would ask me why I didn’t make it public. So I took the step and started to improve it, to work more on it and until today ”, he says.

Omaira emphasizes that on Instagram “you work a lot. People think this is easy, but it is not; it takes many hours. There are collaborations for which you have to sign a contract with requirements such as the type of pose, phases … Then your work has to go through the filter of the brand. Sometimes, you have to repeat it if it doesn’t convince you and if you want to be a perfectionist. If you want to do it well, you need a lot of time and you have to be constantly updated in technology: have a good camera, good material … ”, warns the influencer from Vigo.

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