The Galaxy Note 20 feature is available on the Galaxy S20 via the One UI 2.5 update – Samsung officially funnel interface update One UI for mobile users Galaxy S20 series. Cell phones including the Galaxy S20 5G, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra will be the first to get One UI version 2.5.

One UI 2.5 itself comes with a number of interesting features, which were already present in the series Galaxy Note 20, one of which is Wireless DeX. This feature allows users to do output display from cellphone to TV screen or monitor online wireless.

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Through update This, Galaxy S20 series users will also be able to run several applications at once, adjust the size window, to use shortcut keyboard and right click function on mouse via the Wireless DeX feature.

Samsung also brings the latest camera features, namely Pro Video Mode, which allows users to manually select audio input via the microphone, and supports 8K 24 fps video recording.

Along with this update, Samsung has also improved the Galaxy S20’s Notes feature so that it resembles the Galaxy Note 20. Users will be able to use the voice recorder option when taking notes.

The presence of One UI version 2.5 is also said to make it easier for users to share information related to mobile Wi-Fi networks with other Galaxy devices.

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Summarized KompasTekno from The Verge, Monday (22/8/2020), Samsung has shared the One UI 2.5 update since last Friday in a limited manner in a number of European regions.

The countries that have received the One UI version 2.5 update include Italy, Hungary, Portugal, and the Netherlands. It is still not known exactly when Galaxy S20 series users from Indonesia will receive it update the.

Samsung promises to roll out the One UI 2.5 update gradually to several other Galaxy series phones including the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G.



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