“The future of education”: online discussion of the Adenauer Foundation

“Education” – there is hardly a topic that is discussed more often and more controversially. On Monday, November 2nd, at 5 pm, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation invites Greece and Cyprus to a discussion event with top-class participants from Greece and Germany on “The Future of Education”.

Education should not only develop the personality, but also provide well-trained specialists for the labor market and keep the economy competitive. Education should secure peace and democracy and pass on cultural knowledge over the generations. One thing is certain: Education is a task for society as a whole! But there has never been a consensus on what education actually is, how much of it we need, how educational institutions and the education system are best designed.
The discussion of the Adenauer Foundation takes place online with German and Greek translation. Participants will be Niki Karamäos (Minister of Education and Religion), Thomas Rachel (Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and Stella Kasdagli (co-founder of the women on top gender initiative, writer, youth facilitator).

Further information about the event and the speakers can be found on the Homepage of the KAS. You can also register there.

When: November 2nd, 5-6pm

Where: KAS YouTube Channel

(Greece newspaper / ms)


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