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After passing the exams and driving the so-called figures in the capital, it was time to take to the streets to prove your driving skills and knowledge in real conditions. The prospective motorcyclist found out that in Riga he had to wait about a month to take this exam, so he looked for opportunities to get to the CSDD regional offices and soon measured his way to Ventspils, where he was faced with an unpleasant surprise – it turned out that the motorcycle needed for the exam because CSDD motorcycles for exams are provided only in Riga, the program Bez Tabu reports.

Unbelievable, Guido returned home. He knew that he had to come to the driving test with his equipment, but for the first time he had heard about the absence of motorcycles in Ventspils.

CSDD representative Ieva Bērziņa, meanwhile, emphasizes that motorcycles for exams are provided by CSDD only in the capital, while in the regions motorcycles are taken from driving schools and in fact, future motorcyclists have to negotiate the vehicle themselves in advance. Bērziņš also points out that, like Guido, other examiners who apply electronically are repeatedly told that he must provide a category A vehicle for the exams.

PHOTO: Screenshot of the show “No Taboos”

The future driver Laura, who wanted to pass the exam for driving with an automatic transmission, is in a very similar situation, but there is only one such exam taking machine on the Kurzeme side. The outraged woman finds it unacceptable that there is only one exam car on such a large area and the line is very long.

PHOTO: Screenshot of the show “No Taboos”

The representative of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, correcting Laura’s statements, clarifies that there are two such cars in the Kurzeme region – one in Liepaja and the other in Talsi, which also serves the Ventspils region, where the demand for such an exam is not so great. Ieva Bērziņa also points out that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the car park equipped with an automatic transmission has not been replenished this year, but next year new cars will be purchased and the Kurzeme region will also have its share.

See more in the plot of the show Bez Tabu.


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