The future is preparing for the WORST

The future is taking shape in Porrentruy. The PIRE Museum has been hosting the new Plonk & Replonk exhibition since Friday morning. The chaux-de-fonniers artists inaugurated “Le Monde après”, a new temporary exhibition nestled in the Incongruous Palace of Astonishing Rarities (PIRE). The trio had fun imagining the world after the pandemic. And for Jacques Froidevaux, member of Plonk and Replonk, the future was better “before”:

For this exhibition, the Plonk & Replonk collective is accompanied by cartoonists. “The idea was to avoid having an exhibition of Plonk, by Plonk and which presents Plonk’s work,” explains Jacques Froidevaux. There are well-known designers, others less so. It also opens up the exhibition geographically and broadens viewpoints. Besides, it’s all gone in all directions ”laughs the artist.

The exhibition “The World After” by Plonk and Replonk is visible until April 22 at the Musée du Pire in Porrentruy. / tna



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