The funny translation of a typical Spanish dish that has gone viral on Twitter: “I’m crying” – Live

Let’s be honest, there are few things in this country that we like more than eating. Of course, with the gastronomy we have, it is totally normal. In addition, it is very varied… What if paella, what if gazpacho or salmorejo, what if potato omelette…Not to mention the ham and cheese and also the desserts.

Well, in this last dish, we have one that we quite enjoy, which is bacon de cielo, or even bacon de cielo, which is quite similar to flan but with a slightly different texture. However, what is often striking, It’s not so much the taste and texture, but the name.

A name that, by the way, is said to come from the similarity that the dessert has with the bacon that we take from the pig, and, what of heaven, because of the hands that created this dessert. Something most romantic although only for those of us who understand Spanish, because if we translate it into English, it doesn’t make any sense.

If not, tell this Twitter user, who has uploaded a photo of a menu from a restaurant he went to, in which one of the star dishes, is the bacon of heaven. And of course, since they want to be international, they have decided to put that menu in English, translating all the dishes… in their own way.

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