The funeral of Wu Mengda will be held on March 7. The original memorial service will be cancelled|Tian Qiwen|Funeral|Wu Mengda_Sina News

Original title: Wu Mengda’s funeral will be held on March 7th, and the planned memorial service will be cancelled

Beijing News reported on the evening of March 1, according to Hong Kong media reports, Wu Mengda’s funeral will be held on Sunday, March 7. The memorial service originally planned to be held is cancelled.

In August 2018, Wu Mengda was interviewed by a reporter from the Beijing News in Beijing.Profile picture / photo by Zhu Jun

In an interview with Hong Kong media, Wu Mengda’s former friend Tian Qiwen revealed that on March 7th, Wu Mengda’s spirit will be set up in the underground hall of the Hung Hom World Funeral Home. A great funeral ceremony will be held on the 8th, followed by cremation. In addition, the interview with Nakata Qiwen also revealed the whole story of Wu Mengda’s illness. He revealed that after Wu Mengda underwent heart surgery in Macau in mid-January, he followed the doctor’s recommendation for a physical examination, and then discovered that he had a tumor that had spread to the terminal stage. He was admitted to the hospital and received two chemotherapy treatments. The reason why he did not disclose his condition before was because Wu Mengda did not want his 90-year-old mother to worry.

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