The full story of the disappearance of the founder of “Alibaba” two months ago after criticizing his country’s government

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, “founder of Alibaba” and turned Ant Group To the talk of international media and economic circles in the world after his disappearance for more than two months, and the facts of the crisis began after he criticized the policies of the financial system pursued by the government of his country. Then, “Jack Ma” disappeared and did not appear in public places, or even as a judge in the TV talent program that he created , As he used to appear in it for more than two months.

The Chinese billionaire “Jack Ma” entered into a crisis during a speech he gave in Shanghai in late October of last year, in which he attacked the government and spoke about the need to reform the regulatory system and state-owned banks, and stressed that the current system stifles innovation.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma

This speech by the owner of the “Alibaba” company was followed by successive crises of the Chinese billionaire, the first of which is the Shanghai Stock Exchange canceling the listing of a subsidiary of the “Alibaba Group” on the stock exchange at the last moment, after it raised 34.4 billion dollars, and Jack Ma has not seen in a public place since Failed to list his company on the stock exchange.

Then the Chinese competition authorities made another accusation against “Jack Ma” and opened an investigation against the giant Internet retailing group “Alibaba”; On suspicion of monopolistic practices, the news was a great shock, as “Alibaba” and its president, Jack Ma, is distinguished by his strong personality, who is a symbol of technological success in Asia.

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

These successive crises were followed by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and Ant GroupA long disappearance, the last of which was his absence from the final of one of the programs in which his companies offer a financial grant to African entrepreneurs in the amount of $ 1.5 million, as he was to head the committee responsible for evaluating the contestants’ business ideas.

According to the British Financial Times newspaper, the image of the Chinese billionaire “Jack Ma” was deleted from the arbitration page on the web, and excluded from a promotional video. The newspaper quoted an Alibaba spokesman as saying that Mr. “Jack Ma” could no longer be part of Jury due to scheduling conflicts.

Ma resigned from his position as president of Alibaba in 2019, and until recently, Ma was the richest man in China with a fortune of more than $ 60 billion, however, Ma’s net worth had hit 12 billion. In the past two months as China tightened the rules for the financial technology industry, Ma’s fortune is $ 50.6 billion, making him the fourth richest person in China, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


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