The Fuente Álamo fire is controlled | Radio Cartagena

A hundred members of the Infomur Plan have controlled the outbreaks that occurred on the right and left flanks of the forest fire declared in El Mingrano, a district of Fuente Álamo, at 5:00 p.m., which had already been initially controlled at 11 a.m.

At the scene of the fire, which has affected about 10 hectares, there are 8 forestry brigades, 2 rapid intervention brigades, 15 environmental agents, 21 Civil Protection personnel.

In addition, the helicopters based in Alcantarilla and Zarcilla de Ramos (Lorca), with two helicopter brigades, and the helicopter based in Alberquilla (Caravaca de la Cruz), as well as the forest surveillance aircraft (ACOVI).

On 1-1-2, he received several calls at 08.11 hours communicating that they saw a column of smoke in the Mingrano area, in the district of Fuente Álamo de Murcia, south of Las Palas, next to the Algarrobo mountain range.

Environmental agents went to the site, who confirmed the existence of the fire: Four forest brigades, two rapid intervention brigades, a team of firefighters from the Murcia Region Fire Extinction and Rescue Consortium (CEIS), a team of firefighters from the Cartagena City Council and 6 environmental agents, as well as patrols from the Local Police and Civil Guard came immediately.

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