The FSO plans to protect Putin from the coup, black matter and hypnosis – media

According to the publication, on October 26, military equipment and people in military uniform appeared in the center of Moscow. The FSO was later found to be conducting tactical exercises planned to “neutralize terrorist threats and protect the facilities of the highest authorities.” These exercises were part of a plan to put the Kremlin in a military situation.

The document states that in the event of a coup, the first persons defenders of the Russian Federation may experience depression, isolation, uncertainty about the correctness of the actions of the authorities, a sense of fear and concern for their lives.

To avoid this, the FSO proposes using the “counter-suggestion”, having confidential conversations with young employees and weekly political studies, as well as a group trip to the temple. Also, foreign intelligence agents who are going to carry out a coup can “get” to the relatives of the officers. Particular emphasis is placed on the fact that the “enemy” has hypnotic abilities.

“True, what kind of people they are and how they can hypnotize and psychologically infect well-trained Kremlin guards, the document does not specify,” notes The Insider.

In addition, some “psi generators” or “black matter generators” can be used against the FSO, the development of which was allegedly carried out in secret CIA centers, the article states.

Journalists point out that General Alexander Komov, deputy director of the FSO, is responsible for the implementation of the plan. He is one of the highly classified security officers and there is almost no public information about him. A Kremlin source told The Insider that Komov runs a group of freelance consultants that includes astrologers, black magicians and psychics, among others.

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