The FRMSPH and the ONEE for an inclusive sport of the sustainable environment

A partnership at the service of the environment and sport

Pursuing its socio-educational project targeting its young athletes, the Royal Moroccan Federation of Sports for Persons with Disabilities has carried out in collaboration with the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (water branch), within the framework of the national “Clean Beaches” campaign, a civic action of environmental significance on Wednesday August 10 at Bouznika beach (educational village).

The objective of the action

The objective of this socio-educational, inclusive and participatory operation: raising awareness and awareness of the impact of human actions on the environment and the need to act in favor of a sustainable environment.

Constructive thematic activities

Several practical workshops have been set up in order to learn and appropriate the actions to be taken to promote awareness of the vital importance in the life of humanity on Earth: Drawing, music, round tables , various games … in a playful, festive and constructive atmosphere.

Combine business with pleasure

In addition to these educational and environmental themed activities, sports competitions have been organized (seated beach volleyball, boccia, frisbee, wheelchair course, wheelchair basketball, kayak)

FRMSPH young athletes targeted

This socio-educational and sporting event involved young athletes from clubs affiliated with the Federation from Ben Slimane, Témara, Rabat, Salé, Kenitra, Khémisset and Casablanca.

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