The fourth dose does not even reach 40% coverage among the region’s seniors

The fourth dose of the vaccine against coronavirus is having low acceptance Extremadura, where the elderly protect themselves droppers. According to the report published by the Ministry of Health in the area, after almost two months in the campaign, 106,529 people over 60 received itpopulation for which the inoculation of this drug has been approved for the time being. This means that coverage does not even reach 40%. Indeed The campaign ended last Friday and the Ministry of Health has decided to keep it in order to immunize a greater number of Extremadurans, of all age groups from 60 years onwards.According to these data, Extremaduran is in sixth place in the level of coverage of this second booster dose, behind Galicia, where 65.60% of the population has been vaccinated, Asturias (55.53%), Navarra (44.7%), La Rioja (43.60%) and the Basque Country (39.93%).

So far, the age group in which he has had the greatest acceptance has been that over the age of 80, where 60.65% have this fourth puncture. In this section, 45,460 people have been immunized so far, many of them nursing home users, where Extremadura Health Service (SES) teams have gone to proceed with their immunization. The rest of the elderly are vaccinated in the health or vaccination centers authorized by the various health areas of the region. In this age group, Extremadura is the fifth community with the highest number of vaccinated peoplebehind Galicia, where 79.80% has already received it, Asturias (73.70%), Navarra (67.89%) and La Rioja (61.23%).

On the contrary, those between 60 and 69 are the least likely to decide to protect themselves. According to this report from the Ministry of Health, only So far 25,811 people have worn it, or 19.75%. In this case Extremadura ranks sixth in the national coverage ranking, behind Galicia (48.01%), Asturias (27.56%), Navarra (27.03%), La Rioja (26.48%) and Murcia (21.33%). Finally, among people between 70 and 79 years old, 35,258 people from Extremadura have received this second booster dose so far, which represents 38.87%. In this case, Extremadura is the sixth in number of vaccinated, behind Galicia (48.01%), Asturias (27.56%), Navarra (27.03%), La Rioja (26.48%) and Murcia (21.33%).

Since the start of the campaign, 106,529 people over the age of 60 have been vaccinated in Extremadura


The region is one of the seven autonomous communities in which it was decided to carry out a double vaccination campaign, to simultaneously immunize against influenza and covid. Users who receive it receive a puncture in each arm. This dual vaccination may be why the campaign has had a low incidence so far, because flu immunization has usually not been well received in the region. This year’s goal with this double vaccination was precisely to reach 60% coverage of the flu virus, but this has not been achieved either.

On the whole national territory

This slow second booster dose is common in the country where, on average, not even half of the population that could be vaccinated did so (41.75%). In the over 80s this coverage reaches 53.7%, but in the 70-year-old section it remains at 29.8%. This poor acceptance also led the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, to make an appeal to strengthen the campaign a few days ago, especially to the most vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus in the region remains at zero riskwith an incidence of 159.34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days in the over 60s and 64.02 at one week, according to the latest data provided by the Articulation of Extremadura last Thursday (publishes them once a week). Furthermore, the UTI continued that day without anyone being admitted for this disease.

Low demand for childhood flu vaccine

Extremadura began dispensing the new childhood flu vaccine in the middle of last monththat applies through a spray in the noseno need for syringes. But demand is also low at the moment. According to data provided by the Badajoz College of Nursing, 70 units have been sold in the region so far and there are 50 more in stock. “It is more or less what was expected”, acknowledges its president, Cecilio Venegas.

As reported by this newspaper, this drug is indicated for children between 2 and 17 years of age and requires a prescription to purchase. It also needs to be administered by the nursing staff. Thus it happens that Extremadura is one of the autonomous communities that has decided not to include the pediatric population in this year’s vaccination campaign, so it only reaches those over the age of 60. Children under this age are also vaccinated, but only if they have pathologies that can lead to a greater risk of complications in case of contracting the virus. So far only Andalusia, Galicia and Murcia have authorized the immunization of the entire child population.

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