The four big news that WhatsApp is incorporating

Whatsapp continues to add new features aimed at enriching the use that users can make of it. The messaging application has just confirmed the definitive arrival of Communities, a feature that it had already announced last April and which is now starting to be available to users.

“Today we present Community in WhatsApp, an improvement in groups that allows the creation of subgroups, different conversation threads, notifications via alerts”, he pointed outMark Zuckerbergowner of Meta and the messaging app, via Facebook.

As we explained in ABC, thanks to this new functionality, the user can bring together different groups in the same structure, maintaining a division according to the needs of each case.

From WhatsApp, the functioning of Communities was exemplified last spring, showing one made up of the residents of an apartment building.


So are the Communities

This could be divided into several groups, one, for example, to make announcements that interest the community, another to ask for help from the rest of the participants with some tasks and another, for example, to meet and take a walk. . The fact that a user is part of a Community it does not necessarily imply that it must be present in all groups that make it up.


Communities aren’t the only novelty being implemented in the messaging platform. WhatsApp also begins to allow users to do surveysa tool that has been present for some time on Instagram, a social network that also belongs to the Meta conglomerate.

Thanks to this novelty, users will be able to do so ask questions in chats groups so that the rest of the participants vote. The function can be useful, for example, when choosing plans for the weekend.

Expansion of video calls

The messaging “app” also doubles its commitment to one of the features that has gained greater importance on the site during the worst months of the pandemic: the video calls.

From now on, users begin to be able to make video calls with up to 32 participants.

groups are on the rise

The application also incorporates the possibility of create groups of up to 1,024 contactspreviously the figure was limited to 512. Thanks to this change, the platform becomes more attractive for those users who need a lot of space in their groups, such as corporate groups.

It should be remembered that, until now, all those who needed an application in which they could easily chat with thousands of users resorted to competing applications, such as Telegram.

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