The former head of the traffic police of Bucharest Ion Șoricică, who led the miners brought to the capital in June 1990, was arrested along with a chief commissioner

A police chief, former head of the Office for Military Traffic Accidents with Victims of the Bucharest Road Brigade and a lawyer were arrested by DNA. According to prosecutors, the police officer received 3,000 euros from a surprised driver with an alcohol content above the legal limit and gave him instructions on what to declare so that his file was closed, with the complicity of the lawyer, the which, according to some judicial sources, he is Ion Șoricică, the former head of the Traffic Police of Bucharest in the 90s, who appeared in the images transmitted at the time by the press while directing the miners who arrived in the capital for the Mineriada from 13 June to 15, 1990.

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DNA announced the arrest of two people: Ion-Joe Stoica, Chief Commissioner of Police, former head of the Office for Traffic Accidents of Soldiers with Victims within the Bucharest Road Brigade, for dealing with flu and a lawyer of the Bucharest Bar, for complicity in dealing with influence.

Judicial sources told that the lawyer detained is Ion Şoricică, head of the Traffic Police of Bucharest in the 90s, who appeared in the images transmitted by the press of the time while he was directing the miners who arrived in the capital during the Mineriada of 13 – June 15, 1990. It is he who allegedly put the motorist caught driving in a state of intoxication in contact with the chief commissioner, in order to “fix” his alcohol level.

The accusations made by the prosecutors:

  • “During January 8, 2022 – present, Ion-Joe Stoica, benefiting from the help of the other defendant, allegedly claimed and received the sum of 3,000 euros from a suspect for driving a vehicle on public roads with an alcohol level higher than the legal limit.
  • In exchange for the money, the police officer would have allowed himself to believe that he had influence over his colleagues and promised to persuade them to order a settlement solution against the suspect.
  • Moreover, the defendant Stoica would have provided the interested party with a “recipe” that included the aspects that he had to declare in such a way that, in carrying out a retroactive calculation of the alcohol level, the result was lower than the limit that attracts criminal responsibility “.

On Wednesday, the two will be taken to the Bucharest Court of Appeal with a proposal for preventive arrest for 30 days.

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