The former chef confused Elizabeth II. with your food of hers. Her answer surprised him

McGrady once decided to try an older dish called “veiled farmer’s daughter”. But if a new dish appeared on the menu, Her Majesty had to approve the recipe first. “When we wanted to enrich the menu, we wrote the name of the new dish on the menu, which we then sent to the Queen and she could choose what she wanted to cook,” said the former head chef of THE BIBLE.

Will of Elizabeth II. will remain a secret for 90 years. Charles III inheriting the swans

So when he jotted down the weird name of the dessert on the menu he had sent the servants to the royal chambers, he didn’t expect how quickly he would get a response. McGrady’s delicacy disappointed her in two crucial points. In the first place, he did not inform the queen in advance about the composition of the recipe, as also required by the protocol. And secondly, her name confused her Majesty.

Along with the menu, she also got her hands on a handwritten note from the Queen on a piece of paper, which read, “What or who is the veiled farmer’s daughter?” This made the chef laugh and also surprised at how good Elizabeth II’s mood was. she wrote. “So I had to quickly edit it and send it back,” McGrady recalled.

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The queen loved sweets

It was good that the queen was interested in food and didn’t wave at him. The Veiled Farmer’s Daughter is a traditional Norwegian layered dessert consisting of strawberries, oranges, cinnamon and crumbs, which is served in a goblet.

Elizabeth in the military uniform of the ATS units, April 1945

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QUIZ: Love, dedication and secret signals. What (not) do you know about Queen Elizabeth II?

Former chef of the royal family also on Elizabeth II. she revealed that although she wasn’t particularly fussy about food, she definitely had a sweet tooth. “The queen loved chocolate. Whatever. But the darker it was, the better she was, “she told the server. She also liked local fruit from her farms, she told her.

McGrady also spoke about other members of the royal family. For example, the then Prince Charles and the current king Charles III. he was a much bigger gourmet than the queen, he said. “I cooked a lot of organic food for the former Prince of Wales. He also loves Italian cuisine, “he said. Prince Harry, on the other hand, loved the cottage pie with minced meat and mashed potatoes. His brother William, on the other hand, enjoyed a roast chicken with really crunchy skin. Princess Diana too. he loved sweets, often preparing a traditional British dessert based on bread pudding or crème brûlée.

During his service in the royal kitchen, he often cooked for guests, including five American presidents and a hundred different kings and queens from around the world.

McGrady quit his job later Death of Princess Diana. He then joined a restaurant in Dallas, United States. He has also started his own YouTube channel where he shares his recipes with viewers.

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