The foreign gods successfully compressed the entire Shrek movie into a 3.5 floppy disk, which can be played and watched-Computer King Ada

It is no special news to compress a large-capacity file to a very small size. Someone made it last yearA 46MB bomb compressed file, after decompression, it will become 4.5PB bursting hard disk space, But if the file is a movie, and it must be able to play normally after compression, then the difficulty is high. Recently, an Internet goddess successfully compressed the entire Shrek animation movie into a 3.5 floppy disk, you didn’t watch it. Wrong, that is the 3.5 floppy disk with a capacity of only 1.44MB, and it can really be played, but the picture quality is bad.

The foreign gods successfully compressed the entire Shrek movie into a 3.5 floppy disk

Recently, on a foreign Reddit forum, a GreedyPaint netizen shared that he had successfully built a machine that can play 3.5 disks. He called it “LimaTek Diskmaster”, which was made using the Raspberry Pi platform. In order to allow the movie to be compressed to 3.5 disks, he also developed an x265 video encoder, which can compress the movie to a resolution of 120×96 and play it at 4 frames per second (4 FPS):

In the end, I successfully packed a nearly 90-minute Shrek animation movie into this 1.44MB 3.5 floppy disk. As a comparison, the most common movie DVD format currently has a storage capacity of up to 4.7GB, even when using iPhone 12 Pro in ProRAW format. To take a photo, one sheet should be 25~40MB in size, which shows how small this 1.44MB is:

Of course, it can only be played at 120×96 resolution and 4FPS. The picture is absolutely terrible. Not only the picture quality is poor, but also the sound part, although there are also some, after all, it has been greatly compressed, and the sound quality is also a bit miserable:

After the success of this film, he also said that he would try again to see if the film can be put on a vinyl record. I really have to admire the ideas of these developers. It seems useless for modern times, but they still think Continue to verify.

In addition, this developer is very careful. Not only did he make a 3.5-disk movie player, he even had the opening animation, and asked the viewer to insert the 3.5-disk:

People who are interested in watching the full movie,You can click on my discussion thread on the Reddit forum

Supplementary information: Reddit

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