The FMM launches capsules with music teachers for you to interact with the sounds

This project will be published every Wednesday at 4:00 PM starting on February 3.

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Because music is lived every day, the Morelia Miguel Bernal Jiménez Music Festival will stay close to you with the “Learn with the Festival” program, which is made up of different capsules in which you will create music with your body and it. that you have in your home. This project will be published every Wednesday at 4:00 in the afternoon from February 3, through the FMM social networks (FB, TW, IG and YouTube) and will remain on the Internet for the time that people want to see it .

At the FMM, music unites us, and in the first installment, the teacher and choir director, Analí Mendoza, shows the public an easy way to make music with the hands, legs and feet, through body percussion, explaining in detail to follow in a fun way the musical “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky.

Verónica Bernal Vargas, director of the FMM, explained, in addition to learning to generate music with the body, the digital cultural community that follows the Festival and the public that joins with the passing of the days, will also learn, have fun and share pleasant moments with their loved ones by being active participants in art with varied activities, approaching different instruments, voices, learning songs and especially playing with the family in these moments where unity and solidarity must be maintained among all.

“This program is for everyone, from children to adults, we can all have fun, it is always necessary to smile and what better than with music and all the feelings it generates in us. Although ‘Aprende con el Festival’ was created to support the artistic training of our children from the Orchestra and Choir of the Transformation of Jesús del Monte and the one that is in the process of being created in Tiripetío, we can all join this program ”.

Similarly, Bernal Vargas thanked the support, backing and impulse that Kansas City Southern de México, the Government of Michoacán, and the City of Morelia have provided for this project.

Below is the download link of the first capsule with better resolution:

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