The flu can be fatal for people with diabetes, doctors warn

The anti-influenza vaccination is recommended as a priority for people diagnosed with diabetes, because they also have other ailments and are much more vulnerable to the flu, but also to seasonal viruses, underlines the university professor. Dr. Bogdan Timar, dean of the Faculty of Medicine from UMF “Victor Babeș” in Timișoara.

“Diabetes makes the patient vulnerable and increases the probability of developing a more serious form of the condition. Why is this happening? Because diabetes generates a dysfunction of the immune response. The body of the person with diabetes is more likely to not be as efficient in fighting the infection, which can lead to a less good prognosis of the respective infection – whether it is a common virus or the flu infection”, explains prof. university Dr. Timar, quoted by DC news.

The solution is the prevention of serious forms by vaccination against the flu, but also against the Sars-Cov-2 virus, of the pneumococcal infection.

Univ. Prof. Timar points out that, in our country, approximately one in ten people has diabetes, and flu it is extremely dangerous.

For the increase in the number of people getting flu shots, doctors are of the opinion that this vaccine should be compensated.

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