The flight attendant said, they are annoyed if they are not greeted back


while flying, air hostess meet various characters from the passengers. The average flight attendant is annoyed with the character of passengers who don’t want to say hello.

Reported from Mirror, flight not always a pleasant experience. Starting from a narrow chair, sleeping next to a sick person and turbulence can make a traveler’s mood messy.

Flight attendants also experience the same thing. Long flights and jetlag make flight attendants mood up and down.

Through a post on the Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge Facebook page, someone asked a flight attendant about the behavior of passengers that most often annoyed flight attendants.

Turns out the top answer is simple behavior from the passenger.

“When they don’t respond to my ‘hello’ when greeting them on the plane,” wrote one flight attendant.

It may seem very simple, but greeting a flight attendant warmly can be very beneficial.

“I always say hello and ALWAYS say ‘thank you and have a nice day’ to the flight attendant when I get off the plane. During the service, she gives me two free drinks and comments how nice I was on the plane. Being kind is free,” wrote a netizen.

Not only that, the flight attendants also get annoyed when their friendly greetings turn to attack them.

“The flight attendant was a little annoyed by returning their greeting by handing over their boarding pass and seat number when boarding the plane,” wrote a former cabin crew member.

Another annoying habit is handing stacked trays to flight attendants after food service. Because all components are stored separately, sorting is very important.

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“There’s more, flight attendants are maximally annoyed if the passengers they are talking to don’t remove their headphones or earplugs,” added another.

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