The five rules of… having your period

The situation

The red flag is out. The Festive Week. Grandma visiting. The menstruation. Worldwide there are about 5000 terms to tell that you have your period. Half the world has its turn every month, and that on average about 451 times in your life, but we don’t talk about it much. So, what are the mores actually during this period?

The gamerules

1. Talk PMS with me

Tears will burn in your eyes when you see a puppy video and whoever dares to bite a piece of your chocolate can expect a claw in his back. No, the days before and during your period are not your best. However, you don’t have to be alone either. Complaining doesn’t help anyone, but sometimes it’s nice to just say you don’t feel quite jolly. After all, you’re only human.

By talking to others about what is on your mind, you will find that you are not alone and the awareness of shared pain is empowering. Headaches, stomach cramps, a mood to hurry: we all have it sometimes. Shared sorrow is half sorrow, so just have a little PMS every now and then, okay?

2. Fix a flawless gradient

When the M is back in the month it feels a bit awkward, but luckily you have options. Tampons, sanitary pads or cups usually help you dry through the day and if you save those white pants for next week, there is nothing to worry about. would you rather be safe than¬†sorry, then you can also Period Proof Underpants to attract. Because they’ve been here recently. Due to the extra absorption layer, no splashes will drip into your pants, if you are unexpectedly late for the change. can you just downwards facing doggen in your yoga class, without any fear of leakage. Namaste.

3. Sleep stronger

Do you feel like a dishcloth because of that red flag hoisted? Then go to bed early. Just give in, your body apparently needs it. And if possible, snuggle close to your loved one. The smell of your partner ensures that you sleep better, researchers at the University of British Columbia discovered. The participants in this study slept an average of 9 minutes extra per night, or an hour per week, without being in bed longer. “The effect was similar to taking a melatonin supplement, a commonly used sleep aid,” said one of the researchers. “And it also works if you’re not aware of the smell.”

4. A real skipper…

You may not feel very refreshed during your period, but you can still do whatever you feel like. Everything yes. If your lover raises an eyebrow in despair, challenge him and say: ‘Hey, a real skipper also sails the Red Sea.’ With a cup or a female condom you even keep the sheets crystal clear, so: go for it!

5. Just swallow well

If you are on the pill, you can even plan your period a bit. “That stop week is not necessary at all,” says Dr. Bertho No.boer, gynecologist at Radboudumc. “That was just a marketing ploy to get the pill to women, with the idea that the medicine was as close as possible to the natural cycle. But you can take the pill for half a year or a year. Stopping for a week is a good idea, but otherwise you can make those afternoons in the pool or a romantic weekend away a lot more fun.”

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