The fish 48 have two clips. Marek Ztracený sings in Goodbye and Václav Knop and Oldřich Navrátil play

Goodbye describes singer and bassist Kuba Ryba as a song about friendship, death, old age, joy of life and reconciliation with death. “It’s a more serious song after a long time,” he says.

“We always choose people we work with to work with us. We have known Marek Ztracený for a long time and we know that he can make fun of himself. See his role in our older clip Right Guys. I already played him in the clip, so it was time for a joint song. In addition, this is such a nice pop, so it would be a sin not to invite the Czech pop scene to the prince. Marek also wrote one of the verses there. I’m glad that he got involved in the song from a creative point of view, “he added to the song.

Singer and songwriter Marek Ztracený confirms that they are with a band made of similar dough. “The boys from Rybičky are my friends and my favorite band, which I support. Somehow we grow up and age next to each other at festivals. Some time ago we talked about trying something together. Cuba was faster and put together this beautiful thing. It took about 48 hours between what he sent it to me and when we recorded it in the studio, “he says.


Rybičky 48 in the clip for the song My

Video: Universal Music

The video was sponsored by director Ondřej Kudyn and author of the theme Ondřej Brejška. “After a long time, we didn’t write the script for the clip. We were approached by the idea of ​​Ondra Brejška from Poetics about two pensioners who run away from retirement and remember the young years. Ondřej Kudyn took over the direction and it was great to see that the two actors we dreamed of for those roles, Václav Knop and Oldřich Navrátil, went into it. They are very nice gentlemen and still cheerful. It’s a pleasure to watch their acting skills. We left them space and the band together with Mark will appear in the clip only in an episodic role, “describes Ryba, who filmed with his band and actors in various locations in Prague, including the Goldfingers club.

The song My is an invitation to a concert in Prague’s O2 arena on December 4, 2021. “We decided to give a present to our fans, who have been supporting us and giving our music meaning for eighteen years. We shot the clip on a spring indoor tour and summer concerts and it is also an invitation to our Rock repair. Martin Kolembář is signed under this clip, “explains the band’s manager Martin Řehoř.

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