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Original title: The first week of January, the drama list is released. Is the traffic + big IP model not working?

A few days ago, Maoyan Professional Edition announced the first week of 2021 (1.04-1.10) drama list. “The Golden Years”, “You Fei”, and “The Tour Inspection Team” are among the top three, and “Shangyang Fu”, “Ultimate Notes”, “Dajiang Dahe 2”, “Under the Sun” and other popular dramas List. Judging from the popular dramas in January, the number of costume dramas has decreased, modern dramas occupy the mainstream, and genres include modern, costume, criminal investigation, and suspense.

It is understood that in the list of the first week of January, “You Fei” and “Shangyang Fu” not only have big names to join, but also have the original IP support, which has a high degree of attention before airing.However, after the airing, although these two dramas have repeatedly appearedWeiboHot search, but there is still a certain distance from the “popular”. “Golden Years” relies on Yi Shu’s original work, combined with modern background, to create a double heroine growth story, which fits the current womenthemepopulartrend. “Itinerant Prosecutor” and “Dajiang Dahe 2” are out-and-out realist dramas that attract powerful actors and their content closely follows the pulse of the times.

As of now, fromDoubanIn terms of ratings, “Dajiang Dahe 2” is 9.1, “The Golden Years” is 7.0, “Itinerant Inspection Team” is 6.8, “Shangyang Fu” is 6.2, and “You Fei” is 5.6. The reputation of modern dramas is generally better than that of costume dramas. higher.

according tostatistics, Excluding projects that have not yet started, there will be more than 170 domestic dramas waiting to meet with the audience in 2021.And after the first week, “Mountain and Sea Love”, “The World Doesn’t Look at the Face”, “Zuo Son”, “Sito”, etc. have been broadcast or fixed. The performance of these dramas has yet to be determined.marketFurther inspection. In the future, there will be “Dendrobium”, “Mirror Twins”, “Qing Zan Xing”, “Qing Yu Nian 2” and other period costume dramas with traffic + big IP mode, as well as “Who is the Murderer” and “Ideal City” “, “Please give me more advice for the rest of my life” and other modern dramas with considerable attention.

Regarding the drama series released in January, the film critic Hongshui said: “”You Fei” and “Shangyang Fu” are both ancient costume dramas with a high degree of attention, but from the current performance, despite the presence of big names, their The content of the drama series has not yet reached the level of popular discussion among the people. And such realistic themed dramas such as “The Tour Inspection Team” are close to reality, have a stable reputation, and are more likely to resonate with the public. This means that TV dramas must become explosive and cannot rely solely on traffic. +The key to the big IP model lies in the content.”

He believes that from the perspective of the types of hit dramas, the market will be more popular in the future.cost, Positive energy, great feelings” theme, on the one hand is the national policy advocacy, on the other hand, the costume drama market has fallen intobottleneck, The phenomenon of homogeneity and routine is more serious.This trend will promotecapitalThe market pays more attention to realistic themes and accelerates the diversification of film and television series creation.

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