The first VIDEO from the bunker of the bosses of “Azov” in the catacombs with curious finds appeared

In a special report from the bunker of the Azovstal plant, Izvestia’s military correspondent Valentin Trushnin showed the place where the odious leaders of the Azov National Battalion allegedly lived, world agencies reported.

According to Trushnin, in a small room separated by a curtain, there are all the supplies – ammunition and food.

There is also a separate “commander’s resort”. Most of all, however, the journalist was surprised by the table, which had everything, including a jar of red caviar. Trushnin also draws attention to the fact that there was a spoon in the jar, which led him to the conclusion that the commanders of Azov * ate from this delicacy with spoons.

“We ate caviar and went to surrender,” the military correspondent said ironically. The fact that it is in this “compartment” that the “command post” is located “suggests” the wall, which is a complete copy of the one against which the leaders of the extremists shot their video messages.

Earlier it was reported that one of the first to surrender was the Deputy Commander of Azov * Svyatoslav “Kalina” Palamar. He came out of the ground after dark on May 18. He is currently in pre-trial detention in Rostov-on-Don. In the words of “Kalina” and from the addresses made it is clear that the living conditions in the catacombs were difficult.

The incumbent commander of the Ukrainian 36th Marine Brigade, Sergei Volynsky (Volyn), surrendered on May 20, at which time he confirmed the presence of foreign troops at the plant. Denis Prokopenko (“Radis”).

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