The first tops of the Premier League in order to confirm strength

A summit awaits in the Premier League in order to stabilize the force from the beginning (Getty)

play a team Chelsea Tottenham will have the first serious test of the new football season on Sunday evening, in the second stage of the AFC Champions LeaguePremier LeagueEach team was appointed to win and win the full points after winning the first round, in a tactical confrontation of the highest quality between the Italian coaches, Antonio Conte and German Thomas Tuchel.

This confrontation will not be normal, especially as it is considered a London derby between two teams from the same city, as each team prepared itself before the start of the season in the best possible way, and strengthened its ranks with distinguished names in order to try to compete for the English Premier League title this season, and each team wants to confirm its strength. And his ability to compete from the start.

In this context, the Tottenham team that signed 7 new players stands out, which made Conte’s team deeper and stronger, and he can compete with the adults this season and regain the prestige it lost last season due to the decline in positive results.

Italian coach Conte will seek to win against Chelsea, which will be like injuring two birds with one stone, firstly because he will secure the lead of Spurs for the second week in a row, and secondly he will send a message to all the big competing clubs that the Tottenham team will not be up for grabs and will compete until the last round in order to lift the Premier League title .


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On the other hand, the Chelsea team, which is full of stars under the leadership of its German coach Thomas Tuchel, will try to present a strong image and follow the good start and achieve the second victory like Tottenham, but this task will not be easy, because the opponent is difficult and can turn the table on the field thanks to the distinguished elements that he possesses.

At a time when Chelsea is considered one of the most prominent names contending for the title this season, it does not want to bleed any point at the beginning of the journey, and wants to achieve all possible points, in order not to reach a difficult stage in the middle of the season, and it cannot compensate for the big points difference with the leader or runner-up. , as happened last season when he moved away from Manchester City and Liverpool, and missed the opportunity to win the title for the second time in a row.

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