The first TF meeting of the profit-sharing system, “February Legislation Promotion”

Lee Nak-yeon, together with Democratic Party representative, visits the underground shopping center of Yeongdeungpo, Seoul as part of a site visit to realize the COVID-19 benefit-sharing system on the afternoon of the 14th to receive products previously purchased at the Nature Collection online mall. News 1

In addition, the Democratic Party held the first meeting of the Post Corona Inequality Relief Task Force (TF) on the 15th and began a full-scale discussion on the’corona benefit-sharing system’.

After the meeting, TF head, Ik-pyo Hong, chairman of the policy committee, said, “We reviewed domestic and overseas cases and reviewed the existing laws,” and said, “Submit the necessary laws and help resolve inequality will be dealt with first by the National Assembly in February. There was a consensus.” He also revealed a rough roadmap.

He said, “The benefit-sharing system that we think of for resolving inequality is linked to social policy and a kind of welfare policy model,” he said. “The new welfare system announced at the end of this month is also linked to the benefit-sharing system in that respect.” .

He explained, “Because it is a profit-sharing system, I focus on sharing the profits in my pocket. Looking at overseas cases, there is a concept of generating profits by cooperating and sharing the profits.”

“The opposition party condemned the profit-sharing system as socialist,” Lee Nak-yeon said in the supreme committee, “The Lee Myung-bak administration promoted the excess profit-sharing system, and the Park Geun-hye administration implemented the corporate income return tax system.” “With the concept of a profit-sharing system in Toyota, we have achieved effective results.”

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Chairman Hong also cited Boeing and Rolls-Royce’s cooperative profit-sharing system, as well as the reduction of fees for platform operators in the United States.

Representative Lee mentioned the issue of polarization in all remarks at the TF meeting on the day and said, “If this situation is left alone, there is a sense of the problem that the world we will encounter after the coronavirus may be a more unfortunate world.”

Reporter Lee Hae-jun [email protected]

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