The first studio / The first studio of Latvian Radio /

This space has never been very extraordinary or special to me, maybe I just haven’t thought about this place that way. I always lacked air here, I felt that singing my voice was too dry. Later, with the children, already as a conductor, when recording choir music, I felt it very much. Of course, in my daily work, I sneeze and get used to it, but in general, for me, of course, this space is connected with people. First of all, definitely with sound directors, sometimes their work is undeservedly forgotten. It was definitely Kārlis Rūtentāls, with whom I personally managed the best recordings, and whenever I had the opportunity, I always asked to plan work with Kārlis, I also enjoyed working with Andris Grīnbergs. In my opinion, the recording for the cycle with the words of Austras Skujiņa was successful, and I myself am surprised by the song “Stranger Clothes” (Raimonds Pauls, Imants Ziedonis). I like the expression!

Honestly, I have always enjoyed working in the studio more than a concert. I can’t explain it, but I felt good even when I had to sing from that studio hut, I was alone, the phonogram in my ears, and I sang, I trusted the sound director. I have not been here for a long time and I am very happy that the podium podiums are new, they used to squeak so badly, the children stood in socks and were not allowed to move during the recording. Sound consoles are new, I’m glad things are changing, maintaining and improving the professional capabilities of this room. “

In 1991, Gunārs Rozenbergs became the conductor of the orchestra. Raimonds Pauls was the conductor of this orchestra from 1978 to 1982, later – the editor-in-chief of Latvian Radio music programs, but Maestro’s cooperation with Radionama began much earlier.

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