The first shooting of the year in Mexico leaves 4 dead

The noise of the shooting this Wednesday afternoon in the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, was so powerful that social media users in Laredo, Texas, across the border with the United States said they could hear it.

The inhabitants of the border city experienced moments of panic for several hours in which there were at least two clashes between armed subjects and elements of the State Police.

At least four suspected members of the Northeast cartel died during the fighting. Three during the first incident and another in the second, the newspaper reported The universal.

“Pray for Nuevo Laredo because it has just become a war zone,” wrote in English a Twitter user from Texas, according to his profile on the social network.

The US consulate in Nuevo Laredo issued a security alert and asked his staff to seek refuge from reports of multiple shootings in the city.

A video of the fray shared on Twitter shows a group of police officers parapeted behind a building while listening to the bullet detonations, which the officer who narrates the video describes as .50 caliber weapons (also known as ‘kill cops’) ), AR-15 rifles “and apparently horn (AK47)”.

Other users of social networks shared images of refugees in shopping centers and supermarkets.

According to El Universal, the first shooting began in the west of the city, after an ambush of armed men traveling in two vans to state police. Then a chase began, causing panic among the inhabitants.

The criminals fled on foot when their vehicles were neutralized by bullet impacts and at least three of them were killed in homes near the ones they had entered, the newspaper quoted reported.

The other incident happened near a commercial area, so some took refuge in the establishments, although others had to wait in the street for the danger to pass because many premises closed their doors.

In addition, there were subjects who punctured car tires on carious streets of the city, causing drivers to abandon their vehicles.

Another subject traveling in a red van that participated in the second incident was shot down by the Tamaulipas State Police, the newspaper reported.

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