The first round of the presidential election in Brazil revealed that Lula and Bolsonaro have entered the second round of the showdown – Xinhua

On the evening of October 2, local time, the preliminary results of the 2022 Brazilian presidential elections were announced. , entered the second round of the showdown.

According to the Brazilian Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), with 99.94% of the votes cast, Lula and Bolsonaro ranked in the top two with 48.42% and 43.21% respectively. Under Brazilian law, if no candidate gets more than half of the votes in the first round of the presidential elections, the two candidates with the most votes will decide the winner in the second round. The second round of voting is scheduled for 30 October.

Lula, 76, said after the results of the first round of voting: “Throughout the campaign, we were ahead in all the polls and I always thought we would win the election. The second round was just an extension of the election. our victory “.

Bolsonaro, 67, won just over 5 percentage points less than Lula in the first round, surpassing the results of polls released by several Brazilian pollsters. On October 1, local time, poll results released by the Brazilian Electoral Agency Datafolha showed that Lula and Bolsonaro’s public support rates were 48% and 34%, respectively, with a difference of 14 percentage points. . In this regard, Bolsonaro said after the announcement of the first round of voting that these electoral agencies were spreading “lies” in polls about voting intentions.

After this electoral round, the other 9 candidates who participated in the competition were eliminated. Among them, the candidate of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party Simone Tebette and the candidate of the Democratic Labor Party Ciro Gomes received 4.16% and 3.05% of the votes, ranking third and fourth.

In addition to the election of the president, on the same day voters also voted for all 513 members of the Brazilian Federal House of Representatives, one third of all 81 senators in the federal Senate, the governors of 26 states of the country and the district governor of the country. Federal District of Brasilia, as well as a member of the United States Parliament.

The tally data released by Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Court shows that Brazil has elected the governors of 13 states and the governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, and the governors of 13 states including São Paulo and Bahia have not yet been elected. the second round of elections. (End)

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Original title: First round of voting in Brazilian presidential election announced, Lula and Bolsonaro have entered the second round of reckoning

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